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The warm Christmas party of Descon family

12 24, 2016

Christmas is not only an occasion for family, but also a chance for colleagues and friends to have fun and enjoy the cozy atmosphere together at the end of year.

For this reason, in the afternoon of 24th December 2016, Descon office has organized a small but extremely friendly and approachable Christmas party for all employees here.

The party included lucky draw gifts and enjoying Christmas meal together. What makes this party so meaningful is that each member has to prepare their own gift. Each gift is numbered, everyone will draw, the owner of that gift must given by hand to a person who gets the correct one bonus a big warm hug. In the end, everyone has their gift from others. Although the value of the gift is not much; the spiritual values cannot be described by words, the only tangible value is smiles and happiness on each member face which refreshing the office atmosphere.

Christmas comes in the last days of the year, the days that people are busy with their work, cause them have no time to enjoy this event with their family or colleagues. Understand it, Descon always try to create small parties which do not waste too much time, but very meaningful for everyone to enjoy the happiness in life.


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