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Honor for half the world – welcome women’s day 8th march.

03 09, 2017

"Women are to be loved" - Understanding and respecting the women beside us during the ups and downs in life, Descon's male have secretly organized a surprising party named "Honor Half the World – Action for best results" at the office.

The party brought a cheerful, bustling atmosphere to the workspace that was known as the inactive environment. The smiles and the big applauses came from all Descon’s members as an example of the sentence: "Happiness is the journey that we go together."

The party has two main parts: the first is a gameshow, our women will be randomly selected a balloon which contains the "Request", and they will also draw the name of a "romantic man" to make their wishes come true. With many suggestions such as: "Honey! Please write a poem to show you love with me! "or " Honey! Give me a cup of coffee according to my favor! "... The company had a lot of laughs due to the player’s awkwardness. The second part is a warm tea-break prepared by the male with simple cakes and drinks but containing a lot of love from our men.

With the theme of "Honor for half the world - Action for the best result", the party took place as a powerful beginning to March of Descon. Descon Family will work together to create more meaningful programs, as well as help Descon overcomes difficulties and get success in the future.


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