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The Hamptons - Ho Tram

Project Detail

Ho Tram Hamlet, Phuoc Thuan Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
Emerald Beach Ho Tram Company Limited
Hotel & Resort
Scope of work
Villas Package 1:
- Construction of the raw part of the entire structure including villas, restaurants, spas, pools, huts, ramps, outback, walkways and landscaped areas.
- Finishing the exterior of the house including walls, paint, decorative accessories, awnings, louvers, external glasses and other similar works.
- Waterproofing, paving tiles outside the house
- Provide glass, glass railing, ventilation and similar details
- Provides outdoor hard landscaping including walkways, motorized trails, fences, exterior gates, outdoor patios and supporting structures, flower beds, wooden fences, and similar items.
- Complete swimming pool including tiled, coordinated and managed for tank filtration, waterproofing and decorative basalt trim, outside porch
- Supply and installation of the entire patio, paving the outside of the house, metal railings
- Supply and installation decorative fountains

Villas Package 2:
Construction of rough parts for the entire structure including pools, huts, ramps, outback, walkways and landscaped areas.
Exterior surfaces include brick walls / concrete walls, exterior paint, decorative accessories including decorative moldings, sunshades / awnings, ventilators, outside glazing and similar work.
Waterproofing for roofs, waterproofing of wet areas, roofs and fountains (plastic wood), paving tiles outside the house
27.000 m2
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