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TH12 08, 2016

In the morning of 8th, December 2016, at HB Tower, 406 Ung Van Khiem Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Descon Industry Construction Corporation organizes Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting 2nd time – 2016.

The resolution number 03/2016/BBH-DHDCD 2016 follows the organization of Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting 2nd time. Attending the meeting include:

- Management Board of Descon Industry Construction Corporation

- Supervisory Board of Descon Industry Construction Corporation

- Leader Board of Descon Industry Construction Corporation

- And 42 shareholders - legal represent for 31.698.810 shares that have the right to elect, take 89.04% on total 35.600.000 shares of Descon.

With high approval rate, the meeting have elected the following contents:

- Brief report of situation of production and business activities in 2016 and preliminary plan of production and business activites in 2017.

- Listing all shares of Descon Industry Construction Corporation, which are issuing at HOSE – Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange in 2016 – 2017.

- Cancel the plan of issuing 515.000 bonus shares for existing shareholders and company employees in order to protect the best right of all shareholders.

- Appoint Mr. Chau Anh Tuan to a position as Chairman and General Director of Descon Industry Construction Corporation from 08/12/2016 to the next annual shareholders’ meeting in 2017.

- Dismiss members of Management Board including Mr. Trinh Thanh Huy, Mr. Tran Van Cau, Mr. Vu Quoc Khanh, and Mr. Le Ha Giang.

- Elect new members of Management Board including Ms. Hoang Que An, Ms. Duong Van Anh, Mr. Trinh Thanh Phong, and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thach.

Overview of busissness operation in 2016, the estimated total revenue of Descon is 2.500 bills VND. Estimated profit after tax is 24.905.740.541 VND. Also in this year, Descon has rebuild synchronized brand identity system, fulfill the standards of ISO 1900:2015 and OHSAS system which is recognized and rewarded by QMS in 7/2016, complete property legal document, screening and choosing personnel periodically to suit with workload, cut down the costs directly and indirectly, create cordinate, commiment and collective connection working culture.

We are clearly aware of difficulties and challenges that we will have in the next time, challenge from effective management requirements, stringent requirements from investors, challenges from intense competition from the market, liquidity. Hence, in 2017, Descon’s orientation is to develop brand in depth, increase target revenue to 10%; continue changing processes and systems, boldly bring new technologies into executive management, coordinate with partners to step by step rebuild Descon’s position in the market by increasing effectiveness and transparency in operating and managing activities, managing through the application of software systems, new technologies and innovative solutions.

The meeting was successfully ended same day at 11:20 AM, with specific business planning, clear orientation for 2017; shareholders and members believe that Descon will make a considerable development in the upcoming year.

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