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TH10 30, 2016

In these days, employees do not have enough time to take exercise because working in the office environment force them to sit in one place for long period of time, which can cause many kinds of health problems such as spinal pain, vision loss, resistant reduction, memory loss and decrease concentration ability.

In order to take care of spiritual life for Descon’s staff, since October 2016, Descon Construction Corporation deployed daily break time exercise activities to help improving mental and emotional health. Therefore can help increasing job effective and bringing more friendly and active working environment.

The daily exercise time is from 5 to 10 minutes, included 3 parts: Warm up, stretching and full body workout. The exercise is changed everyday to make sure all part of the body is exercised and in order to avoid the repetition. Since the beginning, this activity was enthusiastically supported. Everybody feedback that they feel their body refreshed, get more excited when working, hence their stress while working also be released.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Ngoc – Project Director shared: “The previous week, thanks to 10 minutes daily exercise with people in the office, I feel more comfortable when working and has more motivation to workout. Now, instead of sitting in one place for many hours like I used to, after 2 to 3 hours sitting, I stand up to do some pose based on the daily exercise that I have followed”.

Some pictures of the break time daily exercise:

The warm up exercises create exciting atmosphere, bring more laughter into the office. 

Meanwhile, the stretching exercises with soft melody help people relax and concentrate.

Video records some funny daily break time exercises

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